Susan Polgar Personal Approach to Chess as a Female

My personal approach to chess as a female (starting at 4 years old as a player to today at 51 as a coach) facing countless road blocks, obstacles, discrimination, sexual harassment, verbal abuse, physical intimidation, etc. along the way:
– I do NOT smoke
– I do NOT drink
– I do NOT hang out in bars or club
– I do NOT use drugs
– I do NOT use profanity
– I do NOT cheat
– I always try to eat healthy
– Daily chess training
– Daily physical work out
– Daily training on mental and emotional toughness, etc.
And if or when all of the above are not good enough, work harder!
In spite of all the difficulties, I became the first woman to qualify for the “Men’s” World Championship cycle, to earn the “Men’s” Grandmaster title (by 3 norms and 2500 rating), while winning the World Chess Triple Crown (World Blitz, Rapid, and Classical Championships), Olympiad Gold (5 gold, 4 silver, 3 bronze), and getting to the #1 spot on the rating chart at the age of 15 (remained in the top 3 for nearly 25 years).
I do not believe in mediocrity. I believe in giving 100% effort to everything I do, to succeed, and to break glass ceilings.
Therefore, I think it is unfair to portray female chess players in a way which can potentially turn off girls from entering the chess world.
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