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MAJOR UPDATE: World-famous grandmaster Susan Polgar joins New Millennium Chess, a new online and mobile platform with $500,000-plus annually in prizes. Sanctioned by the Amateur Athletic Union, the games feature year-round league play and ratings. Anyone from beginner to Master Level can compete right off the bat in the prize-rich format, and there is even a prep session for non-players to get jump-started.

New Millennium Chess is the very same game you’ve always played…but entirely updated and different. Playable face to face, online, on a handheld but always on software. Susan Polgar and Tough Guy Coach Michael Propper have melded the classic into the future by adding prizes and creating a logical, more efficient game. In addition to being incredible fun, it’s endorsed by Grandmaster Polgar as the ultimate in training for classic over-the-board Chess!

We’ll tell you even more later but click the button below to join the mailing list to stay posted about the Exciting Kickstarter we have scheduled.

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