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Expanding The Game
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We are raising funds by pooling relatively small financial contributions because participating in Chess is as important as the support- so we want to get your attention! Something we discovered when forced to play online was that, in addition to being a great version of Chess, it brought the game into modern times. By making entry-level play easier and by growing this electronic version, the game itself will grow exponentially, and that is something worth doing.

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Advantages of pledging funds now

Subscribe now and you’re getting in on the ground floor of New Millennium Chess, and we appreciate that! But even better, the bigger your commitment, the bigger the rewards. Starting with free AAU memberships for the kids. Your contribution can even earn you a seat at the table to play in a match with Grandmaster Susan, and/or a 5-Star NYC hotel stay at the (face to face) National Championships next year.

Challenges faced by New Millennium Chess

No doubt, launching any business amid a pandemic isn’t ideal. But the timing has given us this valuable insight: What we do – teaching chess and organizing play – lends itself beautifully to a special version of online action. Pair that realization with the unprecedented, current interest in the game of chess, and there’s really no better time to make the gambit and go online.



games begin in

Our Reward Tiers

Knight $72

36 available

Scholastic $72 - Free AAU Membership, Free NMC Mask, 8 Free Plays
Knight $72 - Free NMC Mask, 12 Free Plays
Value $200+

Bishop $288

36 available

Scholastic $288 - Free AAU, Free NMC Mask, 1 month Free Plays, Susan Polgar autographed tournament Board
Bishop $288 - Free NMC Mask, 1 month of Free Plays, Susan Polgar autographed
Value $500+

Rook $1080

36 available

Scholastic $1080 - Tier 3 + 1 months of Free Play, Seat @ a Susan Polgar Game + free entry @ National Championships, Double Prizes for the first month
Rook $1080 - Reward Tier 3 + 3 months of Free Plays, Seat @ a Susan Polgar Game + Free entry @ National Championships, Double Prized for the first 2 months
Value $1000+

King/Queen $3600

18 available

Scholastic $3600 - Tier 4 + Double Prizes for the first month, FREE 5 Star Hotel accommodations and VIP status @ National Championships in NYC
King/Queen $3600 - Tier 4 + Double Prizes for the 6 months, FREE 5 Star Hotel accommodations and VIP status @ National Championships in NYC
Value $10,000+

How Does It Work?

Game On(Line)

New Millennium Chess has (with Grandmaster Susan Polgar’s approval) “tweaked” the game a bit for online play, all while retaining all the classic game’s strategy.

There are no draws here -- a “Shootout Round” determines the winner every time a draw occurs.

The prize rich games are just a bit faster (but not too fast) for everyone, from beginner to experienced player, on our new online and mobile platform.

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New players ( and parents ): New Millennium is a fun and an easier introduction to the brain-boosting, IQ-fueling game that teaches problem-solving and hones memory and spatial skills. Need lessons? We do that.

Gamers of all ages: Online chess doesn’t have to look like old-time Tetris. Our platform plays like what it is, one designed for today. And it has both the game schedule and competition, plus plenty of prizes, and ratings to keep everyone coming back for more.

Our Story

Our founders, Susan Polgar and Michael Propper are polar opposites who adore each other’s style. Together they created New Millennium Chess. Michael, having a background in sports, education, and leadership, wants to do for Chesswhat occurred for Soccer in the USA in the ’80s. Introducing a slightly faster, more engaging, mainstream style of play, it’s equally appealing to the youngest players, “gamers,” and even the highest-level players.

Susan is committed to the classic game of Chess and its growth. She knows that by easing entry to play and introducing younger, new players to a more
“sporting environment” like New Millennium Chess, through this enormous pool of play, will identify special talent, and the game she has been so devoted to and loves so deeply will grow like never before.

Susan’s remarkable life, full of achievements, is a true “Queen’s Gambit” story.

Michael Propper

Susan Polgar

The Games Begin!

Why Choose New Millennium Chess Platform?

USCF & AAU Rated platform and time control for introducing new players, training excellence, easy entry, even playing field (all points are equal regardless of play level), a reward for playing plus even more winning.

We provide a “Fast & Safe” Platform that safeguards against Real-Time cheating.

New Millennium Chess Platform - Designed For Today, Anticipating The Future

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