Get the Mental Edge to Improve Your Game

New Millennium Chess will help improve your ability to analyze situations and become a quick problem-solver. Our fast-paced game enables you to adapt and become better at striking and defending your positions. Enhance your ability to stay calm and push yourself to the limit with our improved gameplay.

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Opposites Attract

Our founders are different in every way, except one: They are both passionate about chess. Grand Master Champion Susan Polgar and Chess NYC Founder Michael Propper take an opposite approach to the game, but adore each other’s style. Combining Michael’s modern approach with Susan’s classic style, they created New Millennium Chess for the best of both worlds.

Michael Propper

Susan Polgar

The Games Begin!

How Does It Work?

Game On(Line)

New Millennium Chess has (with Grandmaster Susan Polgar’s approval) “tweaked” the game a bit for online play, all while retaining all the classic game’s strategy.

There are no draws here -- a “Shootout Round” determines the winner every time a draw occurs.

The prize rich games are just a bit faster (but not too fast) for everyone, from beginner to experienced player, on our new online and mobile platform.


Why Choose New Millennium Chess Platform?

USCF & AAU Rated platform and time control for introducing new players, training excellence, easy entry, even playing field (all points are equal regardless of play level), a reward for playing plus even more winning.

We provide a “Fast & Safe” Platform that safeguards against Real-Time cheating.

New Millennium Chess Platform - Designed For Today, Anticipating The Future

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